Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reader Question: What to Wear to Graduation Weekend? A Guest Response

Photograph taken by the author.

Hello Muffy, 

We live in Brazil and our oldest son is attending a school in Connecticut. He will be graduating in May. 

In connection with his graduation, my husband and I are traveling to the U.S. to participate of the formal dance / dinner on Saturday night, and the graduation ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Our son will hopefully be rowing at the New England Regatta on that same weekend. I wonder what would you advise us to wear for those events. 

We have been reading a lot but still some doubts remain. Should I wear a long dress on the Saturday night dinner? Should my husband wear a dark suit for the dinner, tuxedo or a jacket with slacks? How about on the boat race and on day of ceremony on Sunday? I would appreciate you help and if you need some more details just let me know. Best Regards.