Saturday, January 11, 2014

Admiral's Buttons, Camden, Maine (From October, 2011)

The Camden Library frames the beautiful town and harbor.
The Admiral's Buttons has been the destination of choice for classic clothing since 1976, and is now part of the bedrock of this coastal town.  

Henri Lloyd

The fit of the Blue Eco Jacket was very good.
The owners, Woody and Carole Emanuel, are lovely and a wealth of information.

And A Great Place for Viyella


Scott Alexander said...

Wonderful photos. Beautiful town. Wish I had a place like Admiral's Buttons in my town!

Anonymous said...

Shops like Admiral's Buttons are so hard to come by, but maybe that's why they're in such a beautiful place. I love the library too! Haven't been to Camden in years, but I'd love to go back soon.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, my neck of the woods (well, the island of Islesboro, in Penobscot Bay, has been my summer neck of the woods.) I've driven by this store so many times, and never stopped! Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Aldrich,

I recently stumbled upon your blog after I was searching for a long, lost lady friend from my Exeter days. I must say, you are quite a vision. My family has long lived in the coastal New England region, and I am thrilled that you post such wonderful photographs of said area. You are a saint.

Have a blessed day, and good winds.


Bradford S. Wetherfield

Town and Country Mom said...

You've brought back many fond memories of spending a half day in the Camden library--maybe not the typical tourist spot, but I loved sitting in the rowboat in the children's room reading Miss Rumphius to my children. Thanks.

Kionon said...

I am often jealous of your ability to simply stroll into these delightful places without submitting to a horrible traffic-laden commute and midnbogglingly complex parking garages.

sbl said...

Where to start with the Camden stories? Your descriptions were right on target..but Camden retains that small town friendliness despite its upscale patina. The Admiral's Buttons may be my favorite store on the planet earth. Love the viyella for the fellows, but also love the elegant, wearable women's clothing and affordable jewelry. Woody and Carole Emanuel greet everyone who enters the store like an old friend, and eventually everyone becomes a friend. I cannot wait to come back to the Buttons and to Camden. SBL

Ellen said...

As a Camden resident, a "stroller with dogs" and a devotee of The Admiral's Buttons, I enjoyed your post. In addition to the beauty of our lovely town, we also have some exceptional restaurants, a great museum (the Farnsworth) nearby and a fabulous quality of life. Thanks for your review!

Anonymous said...

The owners of The Admirals Buttons, Woody and Carole Emanuel are simply stellar people. It makes sense that you would find them there in such a cool town!
Enjoyed the photos!

Wasp Decor said...

Nothing beats wandering around Camden to all the shops and afterwards, grabbing lobster rolls 'to go' and having a picnic at the park across from the library. Or, sitting on one of the benches down at the dock watching the boats come and go. If you've never been, GO! Camden area is beautiful and so much to do, there.