Monday, May 2, 2011

Jamestown, Rhode Island

The feel of Edgartown of 30 years ago. 
One of the loveliest coastal New England towns is Jamestown, Rhode Island, on Conanicut Island, in Narragansett Bay.  Despite being just across from Newport, it has maintained a gentle feel with unspoiled beauty.  In fact, it has always reminded me of Martha's Vineyard from thirty or forty years ago.

One is always aware of the expansive Newport Bridge.
 East Ferry Deli, which mixes locals and people who wish they were locals.
The ever present island breeze.
Still a bit early for some great produce.
Hard to beat a salt water farm.

America's Cup fans would recognize this body of water.
Beavertail Point looking out towards that scary stretch between it and Point Judith.
The term "boat" in "Boat Yard" is used loosely.

Loading the Grundens and survival suits.
The Boat and Tote living up to its name.

The Dumplings
Another view of the bridge.
Checking out the Swans.
For those who believe a travel lift is too modern a way to launch a boat...
Old School Gears.

An appropriate license plate, given the boat yard is a major Swan hub.
Everyone appreciates the great smells here.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Wonderful photos...thanks!

Xtina said...

I was just gandering at that bridge 2 weeks ago, I love it.

Michael said...

I love Jamestown--like Essex, CT, it is one of those gems I hope doesn't become too popular (maybe I shouldn't send in this post!). Jamestown is just a short drive and a bridge toll from the boarding school where I teach. A great spot for breakfast (try the A Slice of Heaven bakery) or a picnic lunch--stock up at the Grape and Gourmet shop right next to the harbor.

Carole said...

Your posts and photos always make me miss New England. I need a road trip.

Howie said...

Another wonderful post Muffy! I'm heading up there on Saturday. If you haven't already, check out Wickford, RI sometime. It's a beautiful and little known village just south of Quonset Point.

j. antoine said...

The Autumn rains have hit Auckland, so I am stuck looking at the water through my rain spotted window. This post was a lovely reminder of the Summer that was and will be again. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Brings back fond memories of my father who spent several summers in Jamestown and kept his boat, the Pirouette, at the Jamestown Boat Yard. Sadly Pirouette met her demise on the rocks in Jamestown harbor during a nasty hurricane. She was, however, replaced with a beautiful Canadian Sales named Greensleeves.

j.mosby said...

When I was in college, I entered there Jamestown bicycle races! Jamestown island is hillier than it looks!

Were Pearson 35's made on Jamestown?
They had a red rooster logo.

At the exit I took to going toward Newport, I always remember seeing from a distance the Mt.Hope bridge that went to Jamestown.

Patsy said...

Nice shot of Clingstone, or the mother-in-law house.