Friday, August 27, 2010

Ten Highlights from Favorite British Dramas

Some use British dramas the way some people use wine - to nicely finish off a day. Here are a handful of highlights worth finding, even if the genre broadly holds no appeal.

10. Inspector Lewis: Oxford in High-Def; Hathaway's expressions in High-Def.

9. Midsomer Murders: Where not only the murderers and the murderees, but also the owners of the sporting dogs who find the bodies, are wearing Barbours and wellies.

8. The Queen: Two commentary tracks - Director Stephen Frears and Writer Peter Morgan, and British Historian Robert Lacey.

7. Prime Suspect: Helen Mirren.

6. Miss Marple (Joan Hickson period): Women’s wardrobes - Gwenda from Sleeping Murder, and Miss Blacklock from A Murder is Announced; Men’s wardrobes - Giles from Sleeping Murder and Squadron Leader from The Moving Finger; Mr. Pye’s diatribe on people and taste from The Moving Finger.

5. Inspector Lynley: Lynley’s 1968 Bristol 410; his dressage acumen.

4. MI - 5 (aka Spooks): The doorway to Harry’s flat.

3. Monarch of the Glen: Molly's and Hector’s wardrobe; Golly’s (the ghillie) pipes; Duncan’s kilts; Big Eric.

2. Inspector Morse: Even more than his 1960 Jaguar Mark 2 and his exquisite taste in music, Morse’s flat.

1. Gosford Park: Commentary track - screenwriter Julian Fellows (who also played Kilwillie in Monarch of the Glen).

(Almost) Morse's 1960 Jaguar Mark 2