Thursday, July 29, 2010

Design your own Eliza B. shoes

If you have ever been frustrated by the limited availability of patterns and fabrics of ballet flats, here is a perfect opportunity - custom made Allez! Ballet Flats from Eliza B..

Choose your own fabric, trim and sole. There is a seemingly endless array of combinations. I have tried four variations. Here is variation one.

This combination, Natural Canvas, Black Patent Leather Trim with a (Black) Leather Sole, works particularly well for both business as well as evening. These shoes are flattering, run true to size, and best of all, are made at the Leatherman Ltd./Eliza B. company headquarters in Essex, Connecticut (from whom I have been buying for decades).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eliza B. Flats, Part III

My third pair of Eliza B. ballet flats (see pair one and pair two) are a "Nantucket Red" with a great Navy ribbon trim and leather soles.  These were also personally embroidered for me (see bottom picture for the message).  I like these for late summer and fall in New England.

I took them to see some British cars.  Here is how they looked.

 My favorite, the 1959 Jaguar Mark I

A bit new for my taste

 1965 Morgan +4

A not-so-subtle rebus characterization of me