Sunday, December 1, 2013

Brown University Band Buttons

Ivy League Humor
On the Fridays before Brown's football team played at home, band buttons were handed out at Faunce House.  Here are some from our collection.

See if you can match up the right button with Dartmouth, Harvard, Cornell, and other institutions.  Use the color for guidance.  Some can be fairly obscure.

Two classic buttons, not shown here:
(One naughty word was pixelated out as it may/should offend some/all. The target was, however, Princeton. And the button was recalled and destroyed by the administration (appropriately) before distribution. This is one of the very few surviving examples.) 


Ryan P. said...

I love the VE RI TASTY one!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Love 'em!

Kitten vanderKellen said...

These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Why have buttons like this disappeared from our lives? They made events so much more fun and memorable. Bring back the button!

Greenfield said...


John Rosevear said...

"CORNHELL" isn't an insult, it's an apt description, especially in January. It was once a Thing for Cornellians to pick up a Harvard car-window sticker, cut loose the crimson "H", and splice it in.

Anonymous said...

The last Penn game I attended, back in the Mesozoic Era, the Gogolaks were still kicking field goals for Princeton and Cornell. And for trivia buffs, John Heisman played for both Brown and Penn, which must have been as confusing for Ivy fans as distinguishing between the Gogolak brothers.


John G said...

I also recall seeing a "Tidy the Bowl" on a Brown band member in the early 80s.

My dad took me to a Yale-Brown game in New Haven in about 1967. My principal memory is running around on the field afterwards with the other children.

Lancer RIUSA said...

My friends cut the Y off of Yale car stickers

Anonymous said...

I remember "Beer, it's what's for breakfast" green. Maybe 2006 or 2007? Not that I attended either; my daughter's best friend was in the band.


Anonymous said...

As a CORN HELL alumna, I'm not offended in the slightest :)
-Erica in Cazenovia, NY

Mo said...

As a recent Brown alumnae, I'd like to mention that the Brown Band still distributes buttons.

I am a proud owner of: TINY PENN IS